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MF Automation – Vacuum and Gripper Technology

MF Automation is a family business dedicated to vacuum and gripper technology and located at Hallbergmoos, in close proximity to Munich Airport. Our technical experience goes back 20 years, allowing us to provide optimum advisory service.

MF Automation, concentrating on vacuum and gripper technology, is striving to offer the kind of automation technology that is urgently needed on the market today. Our line of products in the field of vacuum technology includes vacuum generators (ejectors, vacuum pumps with and without tank), vacuum regulators, vacuum valves, vacuum switches, filters and a wide range of vacuum suction cups.

All this you will find in our 800-page catalog or on our home page.

Our second automation pillar is gripping and handling with the aid of pneumatic grippers. We are specializing in gripping tongs, the smallest of which – „Micro“ – holds a world-market record in the field of gripper technology, weighting a mere 7 grams. Our Gripper program includes such a wide range of grippers that most of your requirements should be met. In addition, there are pneumatically inflatable interior and exterior grippers that guarantee gentle and precise gripping.

Also included in our line of products are cutters that are used primarily in the plastics industry.

Please let us know if you should be unable to find a desired product. We are continually expanding our line of products. We will, of course, also develop new products to your specifications.

Your team of MF Automation


Exclusive Distributor Vuototecnica for Germany, Austria and Switzerland


Exclusive Distributor Firestone Airgripper und Airpicker for Germany, Austria and Switzerland


We offer all components which are necessary for the construction of a complete vacuum system Starting from the electrical …


We offer a variety of vacuum devices like vacuum lifting devices, mobile vacuum units, vacuum pumps and much more.


Here you can find all grip components like grippers, gripper fingers, pneumatic air picker and – gripper, air nippers …


In our product program we also provide the current standard bellows for your machine.

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