SoftGrippers, centric and parallel

Our Softgripper differ basically between centric and parallel grippers. Centric grippers are available up to four fingers. With the parallel grippers it is possible to expand the 2-finger-base with an adapter and two other bases up to 6 fingers.

For all Grippers angle adapter available. These are mounted in the factory. Gripper finger and angle adapter with bayonet catch, can be mounted also from the user, if there should be changing the angle or with wear. Additionally the fingers can be spread more with a vacuum connect. So the SoftGripper are suitable for the smallest and the biggest objects to be handled. a

  • All Grippers can be equipped additionally with a vacuum suction cup. There for we need your object you want to handle for right select of cups.
  • There are connectors for different robot models available. So the SofGripper are mount also on your robot quickly and simply.
  • The pneumatically driven elastic fingers are available with different hardness (Silicone with 60° Shore is the standard). The smooth and adaptive surfaces are ideal for fault tolerance gripping.
  • The complete Gripper system consists of gripper fingers, the angle adapters, the gripper base and a standardized connect for the mount on a robot.

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